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New Product Nano C 900mAh Big Vapor Monster

Buddy Group designed the Nano C, which won the countless vapor praise and love.

Less is more.All function simplified to one button.The best ever exquisite sub-ohm vape mod you can easily take and use.

Specific top airflow design with separated liquid chamber and air chamber which reduce the leakage issue at its greatest extent.Using the highest quality heating element,the wide bore mouthpiece allows the user to taste the purest flavor and draw out big vapor at the same time.

Nano C appearance, clever design, 900mAh battery, plus the 2.0ml atomizer, which is about 10cm height, easily grip in hand, you can not even feel its weight.

Nano C smooth appearance and shape, hidden display screen and buttons all integrated in one small unit, so that users can not see various of screws which affect the appearance.

Simplicated fucntion comes to only one power button,no need to play about with a hundred different settings. Intelligently adjusts wattage based on coil resistance, Full Power Output system leads to a more satisfying vaping experience. Multi-protection from the Battery Mod improve product safety all-sided.(Overtime Usage Protction/Short-Circuit Protection/Over-Charge Protection included)

With the BUD Plus atomizer you do not have to worry about leakage, Remove the mouthpiece.   Remove the plug. Fill with bottle or syringe via the centeral hole, please do not make overflowing. Replace the plug and mouthpiece immediately after filling.

Hoping the Nano C Kit to become your afforded vape kit.

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