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The most authentic "taste" - Rainbow VII E-liquid

As a senior vapor, tasted all kinds of juice all over the market,

But it is hard to find a most desirable tobacco e-liquid.

Don¡¯t worry, i know your sadness ...

In order to let you enjoy the original tobacco taste between the lips and teeth, we have been working hard ... ...

After many market research, our R&D stuff worked hard and finally came up with this: pure taste, entrance fragrance, delicate soft, rich taste E-liquid - Rainbow VII E-liquid.

Rainbow VII E-liquid, which made from raw natural plant extracts, the same tobacco flavor in the lips and teeth left between the different charm, to meet the needs of vaping and enrich the taste inside.

Rainbow VII E-liquid, when you first see it, you will be attracted by its beautiful and tactful appearance. Not like American¡¯s wild nature, not like the Malaysia¡¯s juice has the colorful appearance, it is like a girl live by the river, but also like a touching love songs.

Green field at the button, colorful leaves for the embellishment, this place is thousands of miles away in Yunnan Province China. You will impressed by the peaceful feeling and the original taste.

Shenzhen Huayu Technology Development Co., Ltd. Produced

Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. authorized

Colorful Yunnan, all in the palm of the hand. What are you waiting for?

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