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Patented pin heating body helps Bodi i1 sell to the Japanese market

As heating and non-combustion become the mainstream of new tobacco products, international tobacco giants have successively launched product layout markets, such as IFMO International's iQOS, British American Tobacco's GLO, and South Korea's domestic tobacco giant KT&G's Lil. Launched in 2014, Marlboro cigarettes and iQOS equipment, which was first popular in Japan, quickly became popular in the global smokers market with the advantage of ¡°heating without burning¡± and its own high value.

The heating non-combustion product i1 launched by Bodi Technology of Shenzhen, with its patented needle heating and charger integration function, combined with exquisite and exquisite external feeling and not inferior to the taste of iQOS, quickly swept the Japanese market and finally gained the recognition of consumers. It has become the third largest brand in Japan that does not burn at low temperatures.


How many smokers are because of iQOS, and since then they are obsessed with heating and non-burning products, iQOS has also become popular around the world with technology and fashion.
(1) Similar to the taste and taste of real smoke;
(2) It will not produce bad breath and will not produce an unpleasant smell;
(3) The value of the face is high, and the photos of the smokers must be equipped with artifacts.
(1) After each cigarette cartridge is smoked, its heating rod is charged before it can be used;
(2) A dedicated charger is required to charge;
(3) Regular cleaning and avoiding breakage of the heater chip.

The GLO is a combination of a large-capacity battery and a heating device, which allows the user to use it continuously, eliminating the need to continue charging after use. Xiaobian personally experienced the results: GLO can meet 30 cigarettes on a single charge.

(1) Similar to the taste and taste of real smoke;
(2) It will not produce bad breath and will not produce an unpleasant smell;
(3) After fully charged, you can smoke 30 and enjoy the fun of continuous use;
(4) It is easy to clean the inside of the body.
(1) low compatibility, the use of its proprietary cigarettes;
(2) The heating standby time is 40 seconds, which is equivalent to twice the IQOS;
(3) The body of the body is large.

iBuddy i1:
      iQOS, GLO has a very good performance in terms of taste and quality, it is a well-deserved leader in the circle. However, their price is really not very close to the people, and the i1, which is the third in Japan's low temperature non-combustion market, not only makes it easy for you to own, but also uses the physical pin heating body to be more reliable. In this era of innovation, the iQOS heating sheet is indeed a bit embarrassing. Because of the sheet structure, the heating sheet is easy to break. After inserting the cartridge, there must be no rotation. Although the consequences are not as serious as the smog, but the break of the heating sheet is also unacceptable to the smokers.

      The problem of the pin type heating element of i1 perfectly solves the problem that the heating element is easy to break, which solves a big problem for low temperature non-burning electronic cigarette. As the first product to use the pin-type heating element, Bodi has the independent intellectual property rights of the pin-type heating body; iBuddy i1 is an important strategic product for Bodi to enter the low-temperature non-combustion market, and the materials for each component can be selected. Extremely harsh! According to industry insiders, the physical needle-type heating element used by i1 is a combination of Bodi R&D team and several materials science professors. It has many years of research and development results, and has the advantages of stable heat, not easy to break, and long service life.

      I1 combines the professional evaluation opinions of 10,000 experienced users, and has been released after several internal upgrades. iBuddy passed the market test and finally got the recognition of consumers. It became the third largest brand of low temperature non-burning in Japan, second only to iQOS, GLO.

      The small i1 can be held in the palm of one hand with one hand, and the inadvertent friction between the fingers reveals lazy elegance. The index finger gently presses the cartridge to place it in the cup, and the clean and clean action is absolutely cool. I1's battery reserves are large, and 20 full power can be continuously pumped. Compared with iQOS, one charge is larger than iQOS. Small in size and excellent in texture, it is a good product to carry out.

The taste of real smoke, i1 is not inferior

      iQOS pursues the true smoke taste, and at this point it has indeed been recognized by the majority of smokers. The needle-type heating element of i1, Xiaobian feels that it is also designed ingeniously. The needle body has enough length to contact with the cartridge, and the boot is evenly heated, just controlled to not burn the tobacco, so that the cigarette has a good taste, i1 Has the same taste as iQOS.
(1) Original needle type heating body with long service life;
(2) feel good, one hand is holding, slightly smaller than iQOS;
(3) The taste of real smoke has no burnt smell and does not produce an unpleasant smell such as bad breath;
(4) Full power can be used for more than 20, and can be used continuously;
(5) High compatibility, general iQOS cigarettes;
(6) MICRO USB charging interface, eliminating the need for charging troubles;
(7) It is not easy to break, easy to clean.
(1) Long press 3 pause, it is easy to operate by mistake and stop heating;
(2) white is easy to dirty;
(3) No vibration reminder function.

       According to the relevant personnel of the ibuddy brand, iBuddy is about to launch a device with vibration function, AI intelligent low temperature non-combustion equipment is coming towards us, let us wait and see!

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